Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Offset Printing And Its Terminology

Aqueous Coating : Aqueous coating is a water-based protective coating, this is applied at finishing stage instead of varnishing, this brings high gloss surface which protects the surface from scratches, dirt, smudges and fingerprints, etc.,  This coating is applied on marketing material, catalogue covers, and other visual ads.

Impression (offset Printing) cylinder: The Impression cylinder presses the paper against the plate or blanket and then the images are being transferred to the paper. The cylinders rotate in the opposite direction of rotation of the blanket cylinder.

Colour Management System: To achieve effective and quality uniformity throughout the printing process, we need to implement effective Colour Management System.

Fountain Solution: To protect / prevent the absorption of the ink on printing plates a mixture of water and chemicals were applied. This mixture is called as Fountain Solution.

LPI : Lines per Inch is a series of parallel lines, these are created digitally through computer programs and these will define the number of lines per vertical.

Ultraviolet Inks: UV colors contain special chemicals which accelerate the process as soon as it exposed to UV light.

There are various kinds of machines which help the offset printers hyderabad process and generate quality image transfer to paper. And these plates and rollers may need to be changed based on the quality of the plates, in general 3,000-4,000 impressions will be transferred to the paper, after that the quality of the plate will starts depleting. Good quality printing process, keeps these into consideration and they keep the additional plates ready to be replaced, so the printing process doesn’t get disturbed and output rate will be maintained.

For decades Offset Printing is at higher level due to the various printing processes and ever updating the technology and demand for the cost-effective and high-output at lesser price.

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