Thursday, 8 August 2013

Offset Printing Technology Hyderabad

Offset Printing is the most widely used method of printing today, this a method is approached when you need high quantity and consistent image quality.

Offset printing hyderabad is a printing process for printing required on flat surface, with and without aluminium plates. The page layout or the design is converted into images and transferred to a offset plate. Based on the printing required, and technology being used, required Inks and water / other chemicals will be applied to the plate. Because of this pre-production process inks will only sticks to the image areas or printing area, this area is doesn’t absorbs the water, other areas will reject inks. Once the plate making process is completed, the image with inks will be transported to the blanket. Printing blankets are nothing but special multi-layer rubber rollers, which transports the image to the paper. 

How is the printing Process works:

CMYK are the colours being used in OffsetPrinting for correct image re-production. Whereas “C” stands for Cyan, “M” for Magenta, “Y” stands for Yellow and “K” for Black / Key plate.

The benefits of Offset Printing:

·         Excellent Quality: The final output will be precise, clean and clear (along with the technology the quality is also depends upon the printers / printing technicians.
·         Fast and cost-effective development of printing pates.
·         Easy to use : most of the advanced machine are not that complicate, but, having said that, it is not a child play at all.

·         RoI : provided we have good practical knowledge and cut the wastage, then the final output will be very cost-effective and excellent quality product is assured.